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Fear Swine Flu? Why not fear STD’s?

Thanks to media coverage of the Swine Flu outbreak, we are all aware of the potential pandemic that this pesky virus might cause. Indeed pictures of those donning facemasks instills thoughts of preparations to protect ourselves. It’s a good thing to be mindful of potential dangers.

Then why do we take lightly the fear of the "other" current epidemic sweeping our nation? What epidemic? This is the epidemic the media is NOT reporting. Our nation is dealing with incurable STD’s. When one in two sexual active Americans are already infected with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and this disease has been linked to head, neck and throat cancers, I think it should be a cause for concern. 

STD’s are equal opportunity infections. Both genders suffer and even newborn babies can contract STD’s from their mothers.  Two-thirds of all infections occur in people younger than 25. Odds of infection increase with multiple partners, and condoms are not going to protect you from the most contagious strains (so much for safe sex).  Many of the diseases have no cure and symptoms will remain for life.

While we ponder if the Swine Flu will rival the horror of 1918’s pandemic, there is something right now facing our nation’s public health: an undisputed epidemic in STD’s. These diseases literally rob our health and happiness. Instead of a facemask, I suggest this: save sex for a mutually monogamous marriage for life.


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