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Bristol Palin: Late Night Reality: Crying Baby & Little Sleep

I listened to interviews with Bristol, shortly after the birth of her son, Tripp, saying that abstinence just doesn’t work for teens. Now, four months later, she has become a national spokesperson for Candie’s Foundation, an organization fighting the rising teen pregnancy issue in our nation. 

Bristol now knows exactly what she couldn’t see before. Babies are hard work. They change your life in ways you don’t expect. And there’s no going back to your teen life.  Fortunately for Bristol Palin, she’s surrounded by one very supportive family—excluding the scumbag that choose to dish out dirt on the family via Tyra Bank’s show.

The hard facts are these:  Each year 750,000 US teens get pregnant. They simply do not have a clue what motherhood involves. How can they?  To make matters worse, like Bristol, eight out of ten do not marry the father.  I could rattle off more statistics about pending poverty, lack of educational opportunities for the mother, and then the risk factors facing the child as he seeks to make his way on a shaky foundation.  But let’s just say this: Listen to Bristol, she’s willing to admit she had it wrong. Safe sex wasn’t worth the risk, since she got pregnant and now her life is irrevocably different. Abstinence, according to Bristol is a 100% guarantee you won’t end up like her. 


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