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Sexual Past: The Truth Hurts But It Can Help
Most parents eventually face the tough question from their teens: “Did you have sex when you were my age?  Many parents remember the sexually-fueled rock ‘n’ roll culture of the 70’s & 80's—with lots of sex going on. For many of today’s parents, they’d just as soon forget those days and the choices that went along with them. Yet, in many ways, you and your teen have much in common. Sex was then and still is now, something everyone thinks about. Research suggests that being honest with your teen will not necessarily lead them to go out and have sex just because you did. Being honest will allow a very important discussion between you and your teen. You can admit to the choice, tell them how it affected you (and your spouse) and let them know how you feel about them NOT following what you did. It also gives you an opportunity to point out the more ominous side of sex in today’s climate—incurable STD’s. The most valuable thing we can offer our children is trust. When we are truthful about our past, we allow them to see the downside of the sexual choice that is confronting them. Parents still remain the most important people in teen’s lives. When we offer the truth and how we hope they will not make poor sexual choices—they do listen. Make the lessons you learned a valuable tool for your teen.

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