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MTV Youth Survey: Marriage Rules

When MTV/Associated Press asked youth about marriage, 96% responded that marriage is not an “outdated institution”. Even more encouraging, was that 92% of the youth looked forward to getting married.  

I suspect that these youth don’t plan on divorce. Who needs to plan ahead for pain? But what are we teaching youth with our “anything goes” sex education? When we encourage safe sex and explain about wanton sexual activities youth should consider —how are we equipping them for successful future relationships?

  If you haven’t ventured into a public school in the last decade, you would be shocked at the “open” dialogue among students regarding sexuality.  They are fully immersed in a culture of decayed morals.   Talking about morals doesn’t need to escalate to an argument about religion. This is more about what is right and wrong. Teens sense the truth—they desire marriage. We are hard-wired for permanent relationships.

  Our current method of training youth to be safe as they navigate these hormonal times, doesn’t allow them enough guidance for saving sex for marriage. Maybe we should examine the motives of those designing our sex-ed programs and see if they have the best interest of our youth. Bad choices fund Planned Parenthood as they treat STD’s and deal with unplanned pregnancies. Our youth deserve better. Last time I looked, teens were not in charge in Hollywood, Madison Avenue (advertising) or in government (curriculum mandates). This is not a youth problem—it is an adult problem since we are in charge and truly to blame.


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