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Sexual Innuendos Sell T’s But Reality Bites Hard
Abercrombie & Fitch does it again: preying upon the lucrative pocketbooks of teens and pre-teens—and even the college-age market with shirts declaring: "All bed no breakfast or how about, "Anyone you can do, I can do better". Sure, go ahead and swipe your credit card for trash. Display the blatant sexual theme with honor. Really?  Is this how low we can go? I have chosen not to darken the door of A & F stores because of their propensity to do half-naked fashion shoots to sell jeans and shirts. Add to it the slogans splashed across the fronts of their best-selling T’s and I need look no further for reasons to boycott this outlet. I will probably have to wait a long time for advertising executives to put reality slogans on T-shirts. How about these “French Kiss Me & You’ll Get Herpes”   “Sex With Strings Attached: STD’s”  “Quickies Gave Me Long Term Misery” Yeah, probably won’t happen. Abercrombie & Fitch is just one more retailer cashing in on the reckless abandon of youth. Spend money now for a T-shirt and pay for it by endorsing lifestyle choices that cost dearly. Something to think about.

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