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Life is full of decisions. Good ones, bad ones… it can be difficult to make a decision when an opportunity presents. Unfortunately, many of us make bad decisions in life and must suffer the consequences; however, we are supposed to learn from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them, and actually many of the mistakes that we could make, have already been made by someone else. With this information at hand, we can learn from someone else’s mistakes and not have to deal with any consequences ourselves. Premarital sex is a choice that many people are faced with during their life, and yes, it is a difficult decision to make. Looking at statistics, testimonies of others, and people who have decided to participate can show us several things. With premarital sex there is a higher rate of:  Marital problems  Divorce  Sexually transmitted diseases  Emotional distress  Relationship problems This is not to say that these things are guaranteed, however, it is a big issue that many people face who have decided to have premarital sex.

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