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HPV Vaccine for Boys
Exciting news! Boys can now receive the HPV vaccine that is given to girls. This should offer boys some protection against the HPV strains that cause genital warts. While this is good, genital warts are not the biggest problem with HPV. If I was truly concerned with health issues, I’d be sure to warn youth and anyone else having random sex, that HPV remains the #1 sexually transmitted disease in America. It has NO CURE and with over 35 different strains that can possibly lead to head, neck, throat, penile, anal, and most recently breast cancer, I think it would be wise to point out that the vaccine does nothing to protect against these life-threatening issues. When huge pharmaceutical companies stand to make a ton of money off of a product, they certainly want to promote it. These vaccines are not cheap. It takes three inoculations at about $130.00 per shot. The problem I have is that we are giving the impression of safety and security that simply is not there. If one wants to remain disease free there is only one absolute: save sex for marriage with someone who was also sexually abstinent. And for those who might want to push the sexual boundaries, oral sex and genital touching can also spread HPV. While saving sex for marriage may seem “so” 19th century—one only needs to look at the current statistics for STD’s and divorce to recognize that our ancestors were wise. It’s more foolish to think some miracle drug will save us from STD’s or that we can have random sex for years and then suddenly find security and peace in marriage.

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