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Karen's Journey into her heart
Many can relate to this: you wonder why you continue to do something when the results of your effort are seldom seen—or at least the results are not something you are able to measure. About a month ago, I began an inward journey into my heart. I contemplated my motives about why I go and speak to teens, and what, if anything, it accomplishes. Money certainly isn’t a motivator, because I willingly volunteer. Accolades don’t motivate either because when I finish speaking it is usually very quiet. As a guest speaker in schools, I am more of a novelty and as such, I am a departure from the routine—until I begin to speak. Then, I reveal my motives: I am there to help. I share what I know—based on facts published by respected governmental statistics. I am there to talk about sexual choices. Suddenly all ears are tuned in, eyes focused, and they connect to the subject because they are immersed in sexual themes on all sides—but my voice is like one calling in the wilderness—I’m saying, slow down, think, take good care of those choices you are making, because each one will have a cost. I am old enough to be these students’ mom. It could be awkward to have someone my age speaking about sex. But then I tell them my stories, and others’ stories and then I am no longer a mom-aged adult, I am someone who has visited the pit and they genuinely see that I want them to avoid falling in. As I took my inward journey into why I go and share, I wrote it all to the Lord. He helped me see that I will probably not know how effective I am. But that is not what matters, because if I don’t go, who will. I recorded the following from my journal and posted it on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMrm-iqWJrI

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