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New Moon: Choosing Not To Have Sex


Here’s a new record: New Moon grossed more at the box office this fall than any other film in history.  To say that the Twilight saga has mass appeal is an understatement. And get this: the main characters choose not to have sex! In a movie culture of sleaze and flesh, what a switch to have teens focusing on other things in a relationship—like their heart and feelings.

It’s been well documented that pre-marital sex actually impairs relationships. Many think that sex will make a relationship stronger. False. It actually helps create the beginnings of the end.   

Perhaps what we will learn from Bella and Edward is that being together doesn’t have to be complicated by sex. Commitment comes first from the heart. If pre-marital sex was the glue that could hold relationships together, then the divorce rate wouldn’t be over 50%--nor the 65% rate of break-ups in couples living together.

Reserving sex for the life-long commitment of marriage preserves a quality that Twilight fans are seeking.  Maybe the abstinence message is one that makes more sense. Are you listening, Hollywood? 


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