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Going for a Test Drive?


I came across a forum on the internet the other day that was discussing the topic of sex before marriage. The person who was asking the question wanted to know what others thought about it and why. One of the responses to the post stated, “Sure it’s fine to have sex before marriage, wouldn’t you test drive a car before you bought it?” When reading this response I knew that I had to respond. My response was this:


“In regards to your response about test driving a car before buying it in relation to premarital sex, I think you have mistaken something. I would definitely test drive a car before buying it; however, sex is not ‘test driving’. Dating should be referred to as ‘test driving’ if you would like to call it because that is the whole point in dating a person. Dating or courtship with someone is trying to get to know them through spending time together. This process builds a bond which really allows you to see if you are compatible to be with this person, sex is not involved in this process, nor should it ever be, as sex is not the determining factor in weather you want to spend your life with that person or not.”


Although many did not take too kindly to that view, I invite you to study it a bit for yourself.


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