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New Year’s Resolution: I want to avoid STD’s

The latest statistics were released from the US Center of Disease Control and Chlamydia tops the list for the most commonly reported bacterial STI. It has claimed 1.2 million victims for the first time. Over the past 20 years, Chlamydia infection rates have risen almost 400%. It’s also interesting to note that our United States infertility rates have also increased by 500% just in the last 10 years—much of it due to Chlamydia complications. Chlamydia has few symptoms so many infections are never diagnosed or reported. Girls aged 15-19 years continue to have the highest rate of this infection, followed closely by young women 20-24. Sadly, many of these same women one day hope for a family and never imagine that a treatable STD would rob them of their chance to be a mom. As we turn the calendar and look to a New Year, make a resolution to choose to “think” before having sex. STD’s continue to be the epidemic no one wants to talk about, yet they change lives forever. We can make all sorts of resolutions to change—but choosing to remain sexually abstinent until a faithful monogamous relationship is a commitment that comes with a bonus: you will not have to sit in a doctor’s office and hear how casual sex robbed you of your future.


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