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Facebook, iPod, and Text Disconnect


I’m part of the old-school generation. Back in the dark ages when I was a teen, we had no cell phones, Internet, and mainly suffered from just two treatable STD’s. Fast forward to 2010. Today’s teens spend seven and a half hours per day surfing the net, playing video games, and watching TV. Add to that, one and half hours texting, and teens spend more time in media than their parents spend at work. With teen’s fast-paced world, and tendency to have throwaway relationships, they also deal with over 40 STD’s, many of which have no cure.

Are the STD’s why teens suffer from depression in record numbers? Or is it also a sense of “disconnect” from their own families as a result of being connected to countless Facebook friends?

Recent studies indicate that our teen culture has little family sustenance to balance the overwhelming exposure to other media influences. Overworked parents seldom provide the family time necessary to teach their teens how real relationships should work. Who will teach these youth how to develop the needed qualities to share their life with another?

If you stop and consider how many commercials teens are exposed to via the media, they must think everything can be bought at a price—including their relationships. No wonder they have no real skills when trying to build a healthy relationship that’s sustainable. Their skewed worldview makes them ill equipped for a successful marriage.

Parents need to unplug their teens long enough to develop a strategy that will help them navigate the relationship waters. They won’t learn it from Hollywood or Facebook and what they are learning isn’t helping.



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