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Teen Pregnancies Increase

The numbers are not good. More than 750,000 teen girls will get pregnant this year. This means three-quarters of a million lives will never be the same. If you are a teen and you get pregnant, welcome to your new world. Now your options are fewer and bleaker. Thought about going to college? Probably won’t. Think you’ll get married? Probably won’t to the baby’s father.

Overall, the years spent raising your child will mean poverty. Might as well lower your expectations for your child as well. If your baby is a girl, she’ll be more likely to follow your path into teen pregnancy. Boy child? He’ll be more likely to have jail time.

How about for the rest of us? As taxpayers, this year we will fork over upwards of 10 billion dollars just for pregnancy related costs. I won’t go into how much we spend each year on treating sexually transmitted infections.

Now the battle is between whether or not comprehensive sex education is better than abstinence education. Perhaps the better question would be, how could we get youth to understand the tremendous impact their choices have? I’m not an expert, but I can read reports, and my guess is that we have given far too much freedom to teens and too little information on how much that freedom costs.

Saving sex for marriage is a choice that will limit your freedom to have sex before marriage, but for the decades that follow, the rewards are great. You will enjoy the privileges of having gone to college, having a better career, having more stability, and when the time comes, your children enjoy a much better life too.


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