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Condom Lies


Let’s all take 10 giant steps backward. That’s what the Obama administration is doing with their new policy of stressing condom use to stop the transmission of STDs. The new president and his associates in congress have nixed abstinence education funding. So let’s see how well this is going to work.

We actually could look at history to see how successful handing out condoms was. We started this almost 15 years ago and now 1 in 4 teens currently has a sexually transmitted infection. About eight years ago the wise government decided to alter the wording from having “Safe Sex” with a condom, to having “Safer Sex” when you use a condom. The reality is this: a condom is not going to protect you from some of the most common, viral, incurable sexually transmitted diseases.

Now, let’s also look at the infrastructure of the teen mind. Basically, the teen feels invincible. The odds of contracting a life-long infection will not happen to them. They see a sexual partner as someone cute, a classmate---someone clean, not possibly already infected. To use a condom is a bother. They also wouldn’t have sex with someone who is infected, but they don’t get tested, so how do they know?

So now that funding has been cut for helping students learn how to set healthy boundaries and delay having sex, I guess it’s time to tell them the truth that they will most likely be the one in four living with a life-long disease—or the one in two that has HPV—which is increasingly being linked to multiple forms of cancer. And a condom isn’t likely to help you against the odds of contracting HPV. Like I said in the beginning, 10 giant steps backward.





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