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Sex Educators Face Legal Charges


In Wisconsin, if you decide to hand out a condom and suggest it represents a safe practice for protection against pregnancy and disease you could face criminal charges. It all stems from the age-old statute of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. That is just so 20th century. EVERYONE knows that teaching how to have safe sex shouldn’t’ qualify as contributing to a youth’s delinquency. Or should it?

While I don’t believe anyone handing out condoms in schools will see jail time, I think the whole idea of giving away condoms is skewed. Research proves condoms don’t provide full protection against disease or pregnancy. Then there is this whole emotional fall-out from teen sex that latex can never hope to protect.

Here’s a thought….let’s teach our youth how to have strength under pressure. How about make choices for a healthy future and not immediate gratification. If we hope to reverse these STD trends, encouraging more sex with more partners is not the answer.





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