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Want to be a loser? Buy the Lie


While single motherhood is acceptable and commonplace, it remains the fast track to poverty. For a generation now, public schools and health officials have handed out condoms and told the young and sexually active to “be safe”. When pregnancy happens, more girls are choosing motherhood.

According to the CDC, over 40% of children born in 2008 were born outside of wedlock. Welcome 1.72 million children to the world of the caste system. No, we are not in India, but we are gradually becoming more divided. Children born in two parent homes with college-educated parents are in the top half of the population. Guess who is in the bottom half? -- Single moms with high school educations and their kids.

Those same poverty stricken low class kids have higher odds of winding up in jail, doing drugs and this will not be a shocker: many end up pregnant or fathering a child.

This is not just a problem of the poor. It becomes a problem for those living in the top half too, because their tax dollars are being used to support those single moms.

This year over $300 billion in aid will be spent on welfare for single parents. The average single mom gets $3.00 in aid for every $1.00 she pays in taxes.

The lie is thinking that it won’t happen to you. Get pregnant when you’re single and you’re asking to be one of the statistics. For those in the top half who may be reading this, you’ll be paying for it.



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