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Can’t Be Shamed: Miley Cyrus

Miley has crossed the line and if you read some of the rants from You Tube viewers, I suspect her antics may have come at a cost. Mylie’s latest video release shows her scantily clad in a bird costume, with dance gyrations leaving you with little doubt about her intentions, but just in case, her lyrics fill you in: “Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention like I’m under inspection I always get a ten cause I’m built like that.”

So Mylie’s gone from tween idol to porn star—but what about her devoted fan base that emulates her style and actions? Can we expect new fashion trends wearing bird wings and not much else?

Perhaps Mylie didn’t think this one through, kind of like her lyric “And every tomorrow is the day I never plan." That’s the kind of thinking that leads one to make bad choices. But then Mylie’s chorus says it all: “I can’t be tamed, I can’t be shamed, I can’t be blamed”. Oh yes, she can.

We can wonder why girls resort to eating disorders, have low self-esteem and suffer depression as they attempt to compare to the likes of Mylie. Why should it not lead to casual sex when it has been so widely marketed by a former child Disney star? Way to go Hollywood.




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