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School's Out For Summer


Another school year is drawing to a close. As students find ways to spend their free time, some will end up making choices that they will live with forever. When teens are told about STDs in their sex-ed classes, some listen, but others still find it difficult to believe that it could ever happen to them, until it does.

Then there are teens that challenge the statistical failure rate for condoms, and end up parenting a child. More teen girls are choosing motherhood, unaware of the lifetime commitment that goes with that choice.

Most teens when asked, hope one day to get married. They see it as something worthy. It doesn’t really matter if their parents divorced. Somewhere hard-wired in their brain is the desire to have a connection to a special person who will share their life. Such a worthy goal, and so little training to achieve it.

As a nation, we spend a ton of money educating students each year. We budget for programs designed to bolster sagging test scores, and we set standards to force school districts to do a better job. We don’t argue that education is important, but what about the rest of the student’s life? What good is an education that’s cut short by a life-long STD? Or the 80% poverty rate among teen parents? We need to take education a little further, and really give teens the information and respect they deserve in building healthy, long-term relationships. We really can’t afford not to.







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