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Teens Decide: Sex Can Wait


Recent school-based reports derived from the Youth Behavior Risk Survey, indicate that 65 percent of teens are choosing to refrain from sex. Another recent study by the National Survey of Family Growth, that includes 19 year olds in the study, finds that the United States now has an “Abstinent Majority” of 70 percent. These numbers are hard to believe if you watch the misleading messages we get from movies and TV.

Make no mistake, teens are quite savvy. They hear the truth from the abstinence education messages. They have seen friends and acquaintances living with the sexual fall out from STD’s. Practically everyone has a friend who is now parenting a child before they were prepared to do so. They truly understand the risks involved.

But get this Hollywood: Teens also recognize they are more than hormones and body parts. They are saving sex and seek long-term relationships with meaning. They understand that sex outside of marriage leaves them with “mixed feelings” and often falls way short of the expectations. Teens who have had sex are now choosing to remain abstinent, and teens that have never had sex, need no longer feel they are in the minority. The statistics definitely prove they have made the smart choice: saving sex for marriage.





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