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Anyone standing in the checkout line cannot avoid the flagrant images of models flashing their assets for all to see. It is a hopeful lure for young girls to buy the magazine on the rack. I have long since disregarded the air-brushed, surgically enhanced images, and instead I watch those around me as they contemplate the female forms.

Sadly, these images affect the youngest among us. Tweens and teens are shaped by this over-sexualized imagery. The two and three word pronouncements on the front cover entice the young girl to buy the magazine so she can “know” how to please her man.

Media is influencing the promiscuous behavior of our youth and then not providing the reality of what the choices will really cost. That’s the bottom line. There will always be a cost for our choices. Today’s teens live with incurable STD’s. They have been immersed in a buy now culture that encourages consumption, indulgence and freedom. Yet, at the end of the day, they still want what we all desire: to have someone who will love them regardless of what happens, build a life and share a journey together.

Consider how you may be able to share the truth. Chances are there are girls you know who could use some wise words of advice from someone who no longer considers the voluptuous cover girls an ideal.




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