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As I scan this season’s new senior class pictures, I see a trend that has developed over the past decade or so. Many of the poses are sexy. The comments posted on Facebook in response usually confirm just how sexy. The sexier the better.

Beauty is one thing, being sexual is a whole different message. And that’s what we do when we dress to impress. It’s not exclusively a girl thing--but it mostly is. As someone who has lived through it and lives in the culture of immersion through sexualized media, I can testify that your contribution won’t help anyone feel better.

Yes, girls & guys can admire your bodily attributes and it may boost your mental morale. But in the end, you’ll be wondering if you really measure up when the next photos are posted on Facebook showing someone else.

When can we get off this merry-go-round? At my age, I no longer try to measure up. That doesn’t mean I’ve let myself go. I work out, dress nice, but I leave my self-image in a safe place. I don't need to fight the eating disorder battles, or the crazy sexualized relationships that come from having someone love your image and not your heart and mind.

Consider the photos you post on Facebook and remember that you are much more than what you see.



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