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Tax Dollars for Sex Ed

Federally funded abstinence education funding is now being directed towards Planned Parenthood. Do you think that will make parents rest a bit easier? Now children as young as 10 will be able to receive comprehensive sex education. Your third grade student could be learning the proper way to use a condom. But I digress. This is all about President Obama trying to address the teen pregnancy issue through increased awareness of birth control options.

Where does sexual abstinence fit into this approach? Well, yes, you can choose to not have sex. But teens are then told that if they choose to have sex, Planned Parenthood is the place to go for condoms, oral contraceptives and if that fails, they can provide abortions. According to statistics from a couple years ago, PP performs 300,000 abortions per year. And those are just the clinical ones—not the do-it-with-drugs-from-home kind.

When can we just have an honest approach with teens? They are actually quite savvy and consider this: now over half of all teens are choosing NOT to have sex. Perhaps we could re-direct some of this funding that is going to Planned Parenthood and give it to programs that support healthy choices, like abstinence. At least then we could also protect teens from getting some of those pesky, life-long, incurable STDs.


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