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What condoms don’t protect

In the world of sex outside of marriage, it’s all about being safe. Condoms offer a measure of security. While not offering hardly any protection against some of the most contagious STDs, it will protect against pregnancy about 85% of the time—as long as it’s used correctly (which is pretty tough to do consistently).

So if you’re willing to gamble with a life-altering disease and a life-long commitment of a child, then go for the condom.

What doesn’t a condom offer? It will never protect your heart. Get into a relationship, have sex, break up, and you may have avoided disease and pregnancy, but nothing will remove the memories from your personal hard drive. Carry enough broken relationships around and you may begin to question that any relationship will ever work. Condoms can’t help you there.

Sexual abstinence may always seem like the lonely way to go, but one day when you find someone incredibly special, can you imagine what sex might be like to be shared just with them and no one else? Waiting for something special is hardly ever easy—but saving sex for marriage offers something condoms never will: a healthy heart.


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