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Living Happily Ever After


Sometimes it’s tough to see far enough in the future. Who can? Yet, we make choices that will change how the future will be. Wisdom means to choose now what will make sense later.

This is most important in our relationships that can really affect our health and happiness. While today's youth are facing temptations to have sex earlier and not face any consequences, deep down you know that isn't true. If you want to get married someday--and most do, there are things that will help you be successful. I have remained married and faithful to the same man for over 30 years.

We met in college, married and have never looked back. We're just as happy now as we were way back when. Marriage requires faithfulness to last. The best way to practice faithfulness is before marriage. When you are waiting for the “right one” to come into your life, I recommend holding off on the sexual activity. Eventually everything you did with someone else will be shared with your future spouse.

Consider your single life as an opportunity to be friends, but not lovers. Then when you are ready to commit to marriage, you won’t have to reveal a past that includes ghosts that never really leave the bedroom you share with your husband or wife.

Being with my husband is like having lived with my best friend. We share everything and hopefully that will mean a lot more years together. It may not be easy to hold off, but it is worth the wait. Promise.



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