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Shhh! Secret Spread of Genital Herpes

Most of the genital herpes victims don’t know they are victims because between 75%-90% haven’t developed sores on their genitals. While that might seem like good news—not having open, painful sores, these people are unknowingly spreading the virus to unsuspecting sexual partners.

Since one in five Americans over the age of twelve already have genital herpes, it is more than likely that a person involved in multiple sexual relationships will be exposed.

Just some extra info on this messy disease:

  • There’s no cure. Get it, got it for life.
  • It produces painful open sores during outbreaks—that often occur 7-8 times a year.
  • The drugs to treat the symptoms of outbreaks are very expensive.
  • If someone looks healthy, it doesn’t mean they are.

The best solution is to avoid sexual contact until you find yourself ready for marriage and a monogamous commitment with an uninfected partner. Just one more reason to wait for marriage.


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