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Bad Romance Lady Gaga Style

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video has true entertainment shock value. No one questions that she can dance and sing but what about her romantic message? For those who don’t want to watch the video, Lady Gaga is kidnapped, sold into sex slavery and wins her freedom by killing her captor in a burning bed. In case you were curious, this was a HUGE hit with fans.

Racy, sexy lap dancing is the rage and glorified drinking and sex are routine. Lady Gaga invites sex escapades that youth try and wonder later why they aren’t as excited as the music videos portray.

While excitement seems to pound along with the music beat, it fails to keep beating in the hearts of young lovers seeking contentment and relationships that last. When relationships fail to keep the manic energy of a music video, something new must come along, leading people from one relationship to another.

Hold that beat for a moment and give this a thought. Lasting relationships require commitment. It isn’t easy and it often means being less selfish and focused on planning a future. Sex will always be there, but a long-lasting relationship only comes when two people choose to set aside the impulses of the moment and think about tomorrow.

Watch people who have been married for longer than twenty years and you’ll observe them getting their inspiration from others who have been married even longer. Lady Gaga hasn’t learned it yet and many in Hollywood haven’t either. Choose your role models and decide who you want to be in ten years, twenty years, and decide if today’s choices are taking you there.


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