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No one needs the Sex for Dummies manual. By the time teens have the raging hormones to want sex, TV and movies have given them all the advance technique advice they will ever need. Most kids begin watching suggestive sexual content by the time they are ten. When they are teens, they add to this media diet magazines, online info and R-rated movies. Nothing is left to the imagination. Wow. All they need is a willing partner.

Even public school health classes seem to provide lessons in the STD dangers for the unsuspecting fool. Anyone can search websites for the gross pictures of what awaits those who are unlucky enough to get one of the nearly forty STDs. Sucks to be them. But honestly, the statistics stink for this generation of sexually active people.

So if sex is all that great and wonderful, why then do so many relationships fail? It’s because sex became so commonplace it no longer is special. It is so expected, so routine, so trivial, that when couples are seeking to stay together, sex no longer is the magic glue that can do it.

Perhaps a better book to read would be Rules for Lasting Marriages. If someone really hopes to have someone share their life, it won’t begin in the bedroom, it begins with valuing yourself and deciding that sex isn’t a cheap deal at a fast food restaurant. It was intended to bond two people for life. Too often, couples enter their relationships with a suitcase full of past failures.

No, it’s not too late to change direction, especially if you care or even dare to make a new beginning. Trust me, sex is worth the wait. Someone special is at the end of your wait and they will thank you for your courage to be different. And then sex will have real meaning and be able to do what it was meant to do--make your relationship having staying power.


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