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Depression Cure: No Casual Sex

This generation of youth and young adults are bombarded with enticing ideas about sex. Yet, each one must be responsible for her/his own choices. We now have two decades of conclusive research tracing all sorts of links between casual sex and its results.

While pregnancy and STDs rank high on the list of probable outcomes for sex. There are far more sinister ones that can lurk in the shadows. Depression is one that particularly attacks young women.

Recent studies featured in the Journal of Sex Research noted that there was a significant rise in female depression with the increase in casual sex partners. It got worse as the behavior continued.

It comes as no surprise really. For women, sex is about love. They desire closeness and commitment and casual sex gives neither. Isn’t it ironic how depressing it is that casual sex has led to so much more depression in today’s young adults?

The 21st Century challenge is to step back and observe all that you see. Evaluate the quality of relationships that are out there. Do you hope for a long-term marriage someday? Determine the journey you need to take to arrive at your destination with your health, hope, and true happiness as part of your package.

Casual sex will not ever be part of a future healthy marriage. Its lingering effects follow along and the likelihood of extramarital affairs plague those who do not heed the warnings. There’s so much to lose, including your happiness. So cure the blues with a healthy approach to sex, and save it for marriage.


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