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Facebook Status Updates, Relationships & Life

What does saving sex for marriage have to do with Facebook? Well hold on, and I’ll get to that. The whole structure of relationships has changed in the advent of texting, social networking and online dating. Certainly the hook-up culture with the whole “friends with benefits” still happens, but the bottom line? People still seek companionship.

If the end goal is to find someone you love and want to be with “f-o-r-e-v-e-r” then why mess things up in the beginning or the middle? The casual attitude towards relationships often leaves couples wounded, weary and scarred.

Somehow, there needs to be a new set of guidelines for this 21st Century minefield known as “relationships”. Since Facebook allows maximum exposure for potential partners, what should you post?

Recently a group of guys were polled about their biggest Facebook turn-offs:

  • 1) Girls using Facebook like a FBI background check for a guy
  • 2) Girls making stupid duck face poses
  • 3) Girls revealing all the lurid details of past relationships
  • 4) Girls posting man-bashing status updates
  • 5) Girls posting never-ending self-portraits
  • 6) Girls posting couple pictures before it’s official

Facebook seems to be a networking site for relationships. No secrets and plenty of drama too. But someday it might be nice to get serious. No one is polling the older generation about what makes relationships work. And truthfully, many older folks don’t have any idea and have failed miserably. But here’s some advice for those who genuinely care about their future mate:

  • 1) You need to keep your “status” healthy—your sexual health when it comes to relationships.
  • 2) If you want to find someone who’ll stay with you—ask the right questions before you go too far. If they have lots of “friends” and a lengthy history chances are you’ll be just one more friend and will soon be history.
  • 3) There’s life after Facebook. It’s called job, family and building a life together. Soon the thrill of relationship-hopping will leave you older and alone.
  • 4) Look for the keepers. They’re out there. You just need to think like someone who’s planning ahead—for a future that’s more than a quick status update.
  • 5) Saving sex for marriage has some guarantees too: no disease, no baggage to carry around, and the potential for someone like you who waited too.


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