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Girl’s Guide to Guys


In the search for the perfect prince, the reality is we kiss a few frogs along the way. Sometimes in the pursuit of the prize we start at the finish line—by giving away our bodies to guys who don’t intend to stay for the future. So as you consider your romantic options, here are some tried and true guidelines:


1. Girl Time: Your girlfriends can help you keep your perspective. Listen to their advice—and if you want to keep sexual boundaries in your guy-relationships, your girlfriends can ask you the tough questions and hold you accountable.

2. Alone Time: This is the time you are alone with him. If you want to keep those sexual boundaries in tact, then don’t tempt yourself with too much alone time.

3. Too Much Time: Having every waking hour spent together can make life lopsided and you lose perspective. We can become emotionally attached beyond the level of the relationship. Take your time—lots of it, to consider who you’re with and where it can lead.

4. Talk Time: We girls like to talk and talk and talk. Talking too much too soon in our guy relationship helps us “feel” bonded to him but he may not actually be all that “bonded” to us. Share the personal stories slowly. Use your girl time to do some of the talking we girls need to do.

5. Warning Signs: We don’t mind reading the warning signs on roads, so why not pay attention to those in our relationships? Does he have self-control with his temper? Does he isolate you from others? Does he respect your boundaries?

6. Caution Ahead: Use those boundaries you’ve set up…as you proceed with the shared affection—don’t lose sight of the goal—having someone you can marry and spend your life. Emotions can easily take control here.


Remember that our time in relationships is to learn about one another and see what characteristics we have. It can expose us. We learn and develop the qualities we need to have lasting relationships. No relationship will ever be perfect, because we are imperfect people. But as we make these discoveries, saving sex for marriage helps our relationships be places where we can be sharing our minds, not our bodies.



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