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Single moms don’t have it easy


As more young unmarried women are choosing to become mothers, it is prudent to examine the facts. The children raised by single moms comprise 70% of juvenile murderers, delinquents, drug abusers, dropouts, runaways, teen mothers, and suicide victims. Wow. That’s a lot of dysfunction.

Children born to unwed mothers don’t have an option if they will be in the unlucky 70%.

The statistics for children who were given up for adoption at birth by their teen moms have vastly different lives. They have higher self-esteem, greater levels of empathy for others and were far less likely to engage in high-risk behavior.

With over two million American couples seeking to adopt each year, why don't more unmarried young women make that choice? Clearly, they aren’t checking out the chances for success for their child. Too bad that a child becomes the victim and the odds for success are stacked so high against them.

Maybe we could encourage the next young woman we know facing this choice to consider things from her child’s perspective and make a choice to give some parents who don’t have a child, the opportunity of all their lives. Now that would be an amazing gift of life.



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