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Choosing What’s Right

Why is it so hard to send a clear message to teens? We have no problem telling people not to drink and drive. We have no qualms about the labels on cigarettes either. We even have no problems showing graphic photos of people who suffer because they make bad choices to drink and drive or smoke.

Why all the confusion about saying “no” to sex. Teens aren’t ready for parenthood and no one needs an incurable sexually transmitted disease—so why do we equip them with all of the information about safer sex, giving them condoms and telling them about birth control, just to leave them confused about what we know is the right choice.

If having sex as a teen is such a great thing, why is depression so prevalent? Why are STD rates at epidemic levels. Our poverty rates are due mostly to teen pregnancies. If we were facing the same statistics with car wrecks and lung cancer, as a nation we’d fully support a campaign to change our thinking.

But somehow we don’t have the courage to say we had it wrong. We imagined that if given the information about the sexual dangers, teens would choose safety. Wrong. Nothing will change teen sexual behavior until older adults change their minds too.

It’s a big problem and like all the other big problems we face in this country, it will take a real effort to make a difference. But if you’re reading this, it begins with you.


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