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The Sad Truth

When I was a young teen I was close to someone who was great with little kids. She earned lots of money babysitting because kids absolutely adored her- and she adored them just as much.  She played games. She did art projects. Parents dialed her number first.

Watching her babysitting style and fun-loving approach to life, I tried to be like her.  I just couldn’t do it with her same success. I wondered what she’d be like as a mom. In our late teens, she babysat less and partied more. I also watched her go into different relationships with guys.

Even though STDs have gotten much worse and far more prevalent than when I was a teen, my friend contracted Chlamydia. This STD has good news and bad news. First, the good news: it’s treatable. The bad news? The symptoms are vague and sometimes hard to notice.  And in today’s world, it’s really spreading rapidly-- it’s the #1 bacterial STD.

My friend didn’t know she had it.  When she was finally tested it had done all the damage it needed to.  It robbed her of the one thing I knew she would have loved and been most amazing: motherhood. She was sterile. She never had children.

I always thought she would have been a terrific mom. It never happened. Sometimes the choices we make become consequences. If you want a 100% guarantee to be STD free and have no excess relationship baggage, save sex for marriage. Please don’t let my friend’s story be yours.


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