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Taking Charge of Sex or Taking Charge of Chastity?

The Planned Parenthood advertisement shows a somber young girl’s face covered with the words “Someone you know is taking charge of her birth control!” How convenient. How uncomplicated. Really? No.

How about the string of broken relationships that will follow the sex? Will Planned Parenthood be there to mop up the mess? No.

While Planned Parenthood offers free tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, what they don’t necessarily tell you about are the other more infectious diseases that have no cure. Just in case, they forget mention it, the birth control pill doesn’t offer protection against STDs.

There are other ways of “taking charge”. It’s called sexual abstinence. That’s a choice too. Maybe it won’t be as “fun” right now with “everybody” having sex. But later on, when others are dealing with the fall-out from bad choices, you will be able to offer someone you love your body that is free of disease, free from the scars of relationships that were only about sex and not about real love.

The famous line from Love Story,  “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  can be your line too,  if you choose to save sex for marriage.



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