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Sex & Cancer Linked Again

Just when sex seemed safe again and we trusted the HPV vaccine was doing its job, new medical reports now indicate we have some new worries. The news is  especially troublesome for guys.

We’ve known for quite awhile that STDs could be transmitted through oral sex. Well, now that includes a particularly nasty form of throat cancer. The cancer rates just keep increasing for cases of oropharyngeal cancer. Big word and even bigger trouble. This is cancer of the throat and neck. It can begin in the tonsils, the tongue and the upper throat. It’s increased at a rate of 28% since 1988. And these cancers are testing positive for HPV—which means they were contracted through oral sex.

While the HPV vaccine may be helping diminish a woman’s chances of contracting cervical cancer, it appears that HPV is attacking other areas in the body. Yikes.

So, the final score is the same. If you want to avoid these nasty consequences, there is only one guaranteed option: save sex for marriage and have a mutually faithful, monogamous relationship. Don’t we have enough to worry about without this?


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