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Teens won’t roll the dice: Less Teen Sex

Statistics tell a story. And this story seems to have a better ending for a generation of teens. According to the Center for Disease Control the amount of sexually active teen girls has declined from 51% in 1988 to 43% in 2010 and teen boys declined from 60% to 42%.

Recent teen surveys indicate that they are choosing to abstain from sex for religious or moral reasons. Even though those nasty STDs could scare them off, teens are wise enough to also see the cost of a choice made now could impact their future happiness in ways that keep them from gambling with their chances.

As the nation’s health authority, the CDC still is concerned with teens choosing to disregard the health hazards with sexual activity. It’s a risky activity and can lead to health consequences far beyond what any young person should have to deal.  But for the MAJORITY of teens they are not choosing to roll the dice. Good for them. Even better news for our future.


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