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Standing up to pressure

According to a report in The Atlantic Wire, 92 percent of top ten billboard songs contain strong sexual themes. With those odds, we can’t avoid the “in your face” message hitting us from signs, airwaves and full-color glossy prints.

Even if you look away you can’t avoid the theme. We also see those who buy into the offer. They wear the wares; they drink the kool-aid. What we often don’t see is the cost of that choice.

Unlike alcohol and smoking, the sexual trap can inflict pain now and later. Besides the STDs, the broken hearts caused by failed and flawed relationships litter the personal landscape of many. Relationships with lasting power can become forever beyond the reach of those who are desperately seeking them. These are serial relationships with sex being used like cheap glue holding them together. From one relationship to the next and the next and the next.

What they haven’t learned is that real faithfulness comes in saving sex for a monogamous marriage. The time before marriage is used to discover the other aspects of personal character, like integrity, honesty, selflessness and love.

So how can someone be sexually abstinent while immersed in a culture that values hyper-sexuality? It’s a choice. Daily. Sometimes hourly. But it’s a decision that one makes for oneself—regardless of the pressure. We have only ourselves to blame and it is we who will feel the consequences of our choices.


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