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Looking for my Tim Tebow

If I were young, single and looking for a guy to marry, I’d want Tim Tebow. Besides being a wealthy, super talented NFL athlete, he’s also a handsome college graduate from a top-ranked university.  But honestly, those credentials fit some of the other NFL athletes. And I wouldn’t want any of them.

What separates Tebow from some of the others, is that he’s not drinking, doing drugs, committing crimes or having random sex with whomever. Tebow makes the right choices—and that includes waiting for the right woman. And she will need to share his values.

There’s lots of hostility towards Tim Tebow and his choice to remain sexually abstinent. It’s interesting to wonder why so many in the media find it offensive to have someone popular, handsome, rich and successful making a decision that hasn’t affected his on-the-field success.

According to Tim, this is his life’s agenda:

Live pure. Work hard. Leave the rest to God.

Girls, I would do all I could to attract someone like Tim Tebow. Maybe your Tim Tebow won’t be an athlete, or rich, but anyone who values marriage as much as he does would be the kind of man who would never leave you, would honor you, would work hard for you, never cheat on you, and make an amazing father for your children.

There are Tim Tebows out there. You won’t find them where there’s drinking or carousing. You’ll most likely find them at a church on Sunday—and working faithfully during the week.

It’s worth looking for---and girls, it’s worth saving sex for someone like a Tim Tebow. Because when you find him you want to be able to say you waited too.


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