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Planned Parenthood Promotes Sex Tracking

Leave it to Planned Parenthood to come up with a scheme to help promote safer sex by tracking your sexual experience through a condom. Here’s how it works: use your smartphone to scan the QR Code on the condom and then you can fill in the details of where/when/how/ who and why you had sex.

The Planned Parenthood website WhereDidYouWearIt.com congratulates those who are having safer sex.

Time for a dose of reality not provided by Planned Parenthood: Condoms are woefully ill equipped to offer protection from two incurable STDs: HPV and Herpes. Also having safer sex doesn’t mean better sex or even the best: having a relationship that lasts.

Here are some statistics Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer: the best sex is found in monogamous marriage. Marital sex happens more often and is reported to be the most satisfying. And get this: no condoms needed to protect against diseases.

So before you pick up one of those free Planned Parenthood condoms that offer to track your sexual escapades, there is a better plan. It doesn’t involve sharing your sexual details with an organization that’s in the business to treat the diseases that your sexual choices can lead to. You’re better than this. Save sex for marriage and let Planned Parenthood keep their condoms.


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