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Sex & Depression



Many medical studies have reached the same conclusion: sexual activity in teens leads to lower self-esteem that can then lead to depression. Teens trying to keep emotionally balanced will often choose to keep heading towards more risky behavior. This compounds the problem rather than recognizing their behavior is actually hurting them more.

Teens are immersed in a sexual culture that feeds them the message that their worth is found in their sexuality. Sadly, after they become sexually active they discover that their worth hasbeen cheapened by random acts of sex. The teen years then become a field littered with landmines of broken relationships.

Instead of focusing on a future with career plans and anticipating their own mate, they have chosen to immediately satisfy sexual longings. They gamble their future for a cheap imitation of what a real mature relationship can offer.

It may not be easy to save sex for marriage, but it’s still the only way that guarantees that you’ll be sexually healthy. As a bonus, the medical studies also show that the sexually abstinent have higher levels of academic success and mental stability. Now that’s a foundation for a great future.


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