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Purity Matters

On a recent daytime talk show Purity Balls were the topic. These are events where fathers take daughters to a formal dance, and as at the evening’s end, the daughter makes a pledge to remain sexually abstinent. Rather than supporting the idea, most in the audience shouted that teen sex was commonplace and virginity was an unreasonable expectation. Yet, statistics indicate that half of all high school students are NOT having sex, so it isn’t unreasonable to expect many students choosing to save sex until later.

Are there some other good reasons to wait for sex? How about these reasons?

  • 51% of babies born to unwed mothers live in poverty
  • 13% of sexual active teens will contract an STD this year
  • 22% of unplanned pregnancies will end in abortion
  • 15 million single moms didn’t plan on being single moms
  • Many of the 500,000 teens who attempt suicide every year do so because of failed relationships

In the rush to grow up or fit in, many teens choose sex.  Waiting for sex will never hurt as much as the reality of a life filled with consequences. Ask a single mom. She knows.


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