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Gonorrhea Fights Back


Once one of the easier STDs to treat, gonorrhea is fighting back with a nasty challenge to antibiotics. It has developed the ability to mutate and become resistant to treatment. This is really bad news since this pesky disease is responsible for 106 million infections annually.There are now cases of drug-resistant gonorrhea in Australia, France, Japan Norway, Sweden and Great Britain. But don’t let the distance fool you. These diseases spread quickly AND globally. It will be in a town near you soon.

So just how bad is gonorrhea? To begin with there are often no notable symptoms. As the disease advances –which happens even when the victim is unaware, there might be a discharge and pelvic pain. Sometimes not until the disease is too far advanced do people seek treatment. This disease is one of the leading causes of infertility in men and women.

Bottom line? Abstain from sex until marriage. There is no other guaranteed way to avoid this once treatable disease—along with the 40 plus STDs out there.  Health is a terrible thing to lose…especially yours.


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