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STD Rates Rise…again

If you’re waiting for good news on STD rates, you’ll need to wait longer. Even with 60% condom use among teens, the STD rates just continue to rise. The young adult population (15-24) is facing an epidemic. That’s sad considering they are just getting ready to roll into independence, freedom, and all that life could offer.

Since 2000, the syphilis rates have doubled right along with Chlamydia infections. When the statistics were tallied in 2010, the Center for Disease Control reported that 1.3 million cases had been reported—this is the largest number of cases EVER reported for ANY condition.

Sex is a choice—and like any choice there are consequences. For young women, one of those consequences will be infertility due to an STD. Each year another 24,000 women become sterile.

Sexual activity is viewed as a right of passage—one more way to have fun. If that were really true why are teen depression rates rising right along with the STD rates? Here’s some free advice: if you’ve had sex, get tested. If you want to consider another choice, think about abstinence. Saving sex for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is one way to stay healthy—both physically and mentally. And look for other ways to have fun. Worrying about consequences won’t be part of the deal.


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