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Responsible Teen Sex?

The letter to Dear Abby was from a concerned step mom. Her fifteen-year-old stepson was having unprotected sex with several girls at school. An honor roll student-athlete, he was excelling at life and had much to look forward to. But his stepmom feared an unplanned pregnancy or STDs could short-circuit those plans.

Even though his dad and mom knew about their son’s sexual activity they weren’t concerned enough to confront him. “What to do?” the step mom asked.

Abby confronted the issue head on. Sex outside a committed monogamous relationship can lead to lifelong problems—just like the stepmom feared. STDs continue to increase in our nation’s youth. Unplanned pregnancies thwart the plans of many young girls (and young guys)—many of whom will live on welfare the entire time they raise their children.

Maybe this gifted, smart student-athlete will listen to common sense about the other side of the sexual equation. Sex may seem like a fun game but just like real games, eventually there is a loser. And isn’t your life, dreams, and hopes a terrible thing to lose?  Save sex for marriage and you won’t be stopped short by things you weren’t planning for.


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