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The Cost of Sex

We’re used to checking prices before we buy. We even like to do comparison shopping when we can save some money.  So how come we don’t check out the price tag of premarital or extramarital sex? Oh yes, there is a cost. Sometimes it’s higher than we ever imagined it could be. But it will be paid.

Ask the single mom. Ask the one who lives with Herpes. Those are price tags that are seen more easily. Other hidden price tags are the ones that come with broken relationships and damaged hearts. Sometimes the cost is buried under memories that emerge at the wrong time, but cost is paid in insecurity, jealousy, and misplaced anger.

Sex has a cost. And when sex happens outside the boundaries of a monogamous, life-long commitment, the cost can be spendy. Take time to check those price tags before you get into bed.


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