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Too Far Too Soon


Relationships need boundaries. This is especially true in our relationships with the opposite sex. As we get closer to someone, sexual boundaries can be tested. Sometimes there can be moral confusion over right and wrong. And just as likely there could be concern about STD risks. Take time to consider these carefully.

Truth is important. With STDsit’svital to know that genital touching can spread them. Here’s a rule: “Don’t touch what you don’t got.”

What about kissing? Again think about boundaries. Be safe and keep the kisses less passionate and above the chin. And it’s wise to not lie down together. Why make things tough?

Consider something else…the future. Someday you will probably seek to spend your life with an incredibly wonderful, generous, loving person. Any sexual activities that you have shared with someone else will be part of this pristine relationship you want to have.  Beware. Be careful. And if you save the sex for marriage you won’t have to worry now or later.


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