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Gonorrhea Alert

Gonorrhea, the once “curable” bacterial sexually transmitted infection may soon be placed on the incurable list. This nasty infection infects over 700,000 people in the US each year, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“It’s scary to think about.” reports medical epidemiologist, Dr. Robert Kirkcaldy at the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention. He goes on to say, “We could be facing the real possibility of untreatable gonorrhea in the US.”

The effective treatment options for the latest strains of the ever–increasing drug resistant gonorrhea have been reduced to one. While the CDC is urging drug companies to research new remedies, what’s the best defense? Don’t contract gonorrhea.

This disease is asymptomatic in 50% of the female carriers who have a 60-80% chance of contracting it during a one-night stand. It can be contracted even through oral sex. It’s one of leading causes of infertility. And it soon may be a disease without a cure.

Once again, saving sex for marriage—and keeping yourself healthy beforehand will always save you the pain of disease and disappointment for the rest of your life.


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