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Living Together = Less Commitment

Marriage is struggling in popularity. More couples are choosing to take a test drive. Sharing an apartment, a bed, and the rent payment is the new beginning to a future together. Seeing how things work out and discovering what the other is really like seems to make sense.

So how’s it working? A recent study of 1500 couples—equally divided between those who were living together and those who were married, showed some interesting findings. The couples that lived together—even the ones having lived together for over a year, weren’t as close as the married couples.

As far as spending money together as a couple, 40% of the women in the cohabiting group had spent $500.00 with their partners, while 80% of the married women had. Clearly, the married women had a sense of partnership in the couple’s finances. In terms of intimacy and commitment, couples who lived together felt less close than the married couples. Over half the cohabitating couples weren’t certain their relationship was permanent.

Cohabitating relationships are always tougher on the woman, who is generally seeking a partner who will be looking for a deeper, more committed relationship. Yet, their hopes are most often unfulfilled. Even more telling, is that most men in the cohabitating relationships are less likely to say that they “love their partner a lot”.

Living together isn’t an insurance policy against failure; it’s more likely an assurance that the marriage you’re desiring may never happen.



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