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Most people would probably read a warning label. How else would we avoid a possible danger, or an adverse side effect? Why then, do many avoid the warnings about sex outside of faithful marriage?

A warning label on a package of condoms usually indicates that condoms are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and if used properly can be 85% effective against HIV transmission. The World Health Organization reports that condoms are even less effective than that. Their statistics say it’s closer to 80% effective in preventing HIV transmission. Now that seems like a warning. Would you stay on a jet if the pilot announced there would only be an 80% chance of a safe landing?

Today’s attitudes regarding relationships have become decidedly free and easy. No need to worry about commitment, or bother with formalities regarding sex. If it works out okay, if not, move on. But wait a minute? Is there a downside to this moving in and then moving on?

You’ve heard of Russian roulette, what about sex roulette? Every time you have sex with another partner, you increase the odds of getting a life-long disease, while decreasing the odds for a satisfying long-lasting relationship. Maybe you should leave the sex roulette gun on a shelf. Pay attention to the warnings. It really is about a healthy life: yours.


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