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Vampires, Sex, & Teen Girls’ Fantasy Relationships
Now that Twilight has hit the big screen, Teen girls are under the spell of a hot high school-aged vampire. Certainly his cool good looks help, but it’s his old-school attitude that has captured their hearts.


A century old sense of chivalry and self-control excites these teen girls. This hot guy is clearly interested in Bella and “wants” her. But he places her interests above his own. Sex is not in the relationship. It’s about love; it’s about making choices that reflect honor.


One 16-year-old girl remarked, “ He’s caring, and genuine. He expresses his love, and risks his life to protect her. And he’s handsome.” A nineteen-year-old girl declared, “Edward loves Bella and wants to be with her forever, so he controls himself. The self-discipline is very hard on him, but seeing her hurt would be even worse.”


Teen girls can see what they are missing in today’s hook-up quick culture. Girls suffer far more from these transient, short-lived flings. So perhaps a vampire can teach this generation a thing or two about waiting for the right one to come along, before having sex.  Save sex for marriage. And girls, You probably won’t have to wait for a vampire, because there are Edward-like guys out there. 




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